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Executive Summary

    I have more than 25 years of experience in technical and project consultancy engagements spanning intelligence systems, software & hardware development, defence, IT networks, telecommunications, global networks and process re-engineering.

    I take pride in successfully working with people in all areas of an organisation and customers,  talking their language whether highly technical or new ‘front end’ user. I have a unique blend of analytical, engineering, technical authoring, managerial and customer facing skills ‘battle-tested’ at the sharp end of industry.

Key Skills, Experience and Achievements

  • Business and technical analysis, requirements gathering including business rules, functional & non-functional requirements, internal & external managed services implementation. Experienced user of common development and analysis techniques and products e.g. AGILE, UML, Calibre, Control. Development and documentation of use case, activity and interaction diagrams. Familiar with data analysis and modelling tools and techniques, database design and documentation e.g. Entity Relationship, Logical Data Model, CRUD etc. Extensive experience of end-to-end project lifecycle.
  • Project and operational management of systems and services rollout; designing  and managing systems integration, systems acceptance and user testing developing test plans, scripts, operational processes, procedures & local work instructions, product assessment, cost/benefit analysis. Use of methodologies, techniques and best practice e.g. OGC, Prince &  ITIL. Quality management and auditing to ISO 9000 standards
  • Technical Authoring through complete project life-cycle from early project set-up, analysis & feasibility, design & development, operational and user acceptance testing and end-user documentation including: IT support and operational manuals, training material (including computer based training), design and development of document management systems,  disaster recovery documentation and online Intranet and Internet systems and content.  Expertise with MS Office (full suite including Visio and Publisher) and extensive use of intranet and internet site design tools and techniques.
  • Experienced quality systems implementer (and auditor) e.g. ITIL, ISO & BSI compliant processes & procedures including development of internal and external contracts, KPIs, SLAs etc.
  • Management of technical and operational teams (up to 27 direct reports)
  • Set up and management of call/contact centre operations, IT Help Desk, Systems Support, Operations Management and Quality Management Systems; Business processes - Change Management, Configuration Management, Asset Management, Backup/Risk Management and Business Continuity planning and Disaster Recovery planning to ISO 9000 standards (including BS27001 and BS20000). Development & management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key  Performance Indicators (KPIs), operational stats and reporting i.e. management information.

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Skill Sets - (Experience as a support engineer/manager/consultant unless otherwise stated)

Management experience

  • Engaged by Everything Everywhere, Huawei, UK Hydrographic Office, Defra, ACPO  (TAM) & the National Police Improvement Agency, UK Meteorological  Office, the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Cable & Wireless, the Security Industry Authority, Cogent Defence & Secure Networks (now part of EADS), '3' (formerly Hutchison 3G), Equant (France Telecom), Cap Gemini, IBM, Intermec and Dolphin  Telecommunications. This includes business process analysis, technical authoring, project management, service management consultancy, intranet web design and ISO9000 / ISO quality management/auditing
  • Team & Project Management of start-up or redevelopment/re-engineering  projects. Including system requirements definition & implementation, defining  & creating business cases, managing developers, SLAs, 3rd party suppliers, human resources, training and day to day operational management requirements
  • IT systems support and help desk manager for six years (Windows, Novell, NT, Touchline & VAX) including 'hands on' first and second line systems and operational support and special fault investigations (over 800 desks - local & remote access).
  • Experienced electronics, computer and telecoms diagnostic engineer (6 years)
  • Technical, customer and service support management - clerical and technical teams of over 70 people in customer facing environments (Over 10 years of call centre operations and technical support management)

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Contracts history
(In traditional most-recent-first order.)

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - London, Coventry, West Country
    August 2013 - July 2014
    Business analysis of key processes. Process mapping and documentation through workshops and interviews with key stake holders. Extensive use of Visio and Microsoft Products i.e. PowerPoint, MS Word and Excel. Preparation of RACI diagrams and problem statements leading to recommendations for process efficiencies and system definition, testing and integration.
  • Everything Everywhere (EE) - Bristol
    May 12 - Date
    Business Process Analyst. Developing and documenting processes end to end process for the Network Delivery & Rollout teams. EE is launching the first UK 4G mobile comms network. As part of the Quality Management team my role is to facilitate  process governance improvements feeding into the Network Services Operating Model using working closely with the technical and engineering teams. Documentation supporting EPC modelling techniques and Aris applications Extensive use and development of documentation and knowledge management systems via MS SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint and Visio.

  • Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre - Banbury
    Sept 11 - Dec 11
    Business Process Analyst and Technical Author. Developing and documenting processes and  procedures to ISO and ITIL quality standards; interviewing the technical and engineering team members to produce accurate and robust documentation prior to a business critical audit (successfully passed in October 2011). Use of MS SharePoint and MS Word, PowerPoint and Visio.

    UK Hydrographic Office(UKHO) €- Taunton
    E-Navigator Data Programme
    (SC Clearance)
    Oct 2009 - Feb 2011
    Business Analysis and Technical Authoring in a data quality improvement project  team analysing, testing and improving data sources for a new, business critical, electronic maritime charts product called ‘E-Navigator’. Extensive Technical Authoring of documents, reports and  reference material to strict organisation time scales, standards and formats enforcing ISO quality standards of format and versioning. ‘Go between’ between the technical product team (mostly developers) and the business writing all documentation and translating for the end users. This role included analysing, defining and improving  manual and automated processes feeding metadata files or fields to the production system. Also responsible for the transitioning of new or improved processes from the project to the live operational environment to ITIL and ISO best practice processes and standards. Devising and facilitating stake holder, process and data owner meetings and workshops, liaising with stake holders, subject matter experts (SMEs) and systems developers. Developing and documenting enterprise architecture feeds e.g. business rules, process maps, workflow, activity & use case diagrams etc. Extensive use of MS Office Professional applications including Visio, also feeding data to Enterprise Architect and corporate systems.

    Department of Food & Rural Affairs(Defra) - Worcester & Carmarthen
    Intensive Action Pilot Area Project
    July 2009 - September 2009
    Business Process Analyst & Technical Analyst/Author in a small specialist project team defining  and authoring manual and automated processes, business requirements,  process mapping, workflow, high level technical solutions and specialised technical documentation. Also authoring the majority of project documents. Use of  Adobe (writer), Visio and MS Word. Organising and facilitating meetings and workshops, liasing with stakeholders, engineering and development teams.

    Association of Chief Police Officers (TAM) ISTG - London & Weston-super-Mare
    Confidential & Restricted IT Operations
    February 2008 - January 2009 (SC Enhanced)
    Technical  Author / Technical Analyst working within a specialist IT project team part of the Information Services and Technologies Group for the Association of Chief Police Officers (TAM) providing service improvements for a new national high speed, high availability, secure information system serving the UK’s Police Forces security related transmissions.  As a key member of the Analysis and Technical Design & Architecture work streams, I provided requirements gathering and analysis, facilitating meetings and workshops, creating and updating project and technical documentation during design, pilot and implementation rollout stages. I also led on a key deliverable implementing ITIL and BS standards across the IT service management and support team during the project.

    The Met Office - Exeter, Devon
    Confidential & Restricted IT Operations
     September 2007 - October 2007 (SC Clearance)
    Business Analyst
    A short piece of analysis defining high level requirements for upgrade and/or replacement of hardware and software used by scientific and commercial teams in the production of single site forecasting. Principally involving interviews and running a stakeholders’ workshop prior to producing a report for the Project Manager.

    The Met Office - Exeter, Devon
    Confidential & Restricted IT Operations
    April 2007 - July 2007 (SC Clearance)
    Business Analyst
    Business system requirements analysis for the ‘downstream’ impacts following implementation of high performance computer upgrade and storage systems along with projected improved  forecast model resolution. This includes interviewing and liaising with stakeholders. Additionally I undertook a short piece of work defining functional and non-functional requirements for geo-spatial processing and mapping software used by scientific and commercial teams.

    Atomic Weapons Establishment - Aldermaston, Berkshire
    Confidential & Restricted IT Operations
     December 2006 - April 2007 (SC ‘atomic’ Clearance)
    Business Analyst, IT Operations & Project Manager, IT Business Readiness
    Business process and system requirements analysis in order to develop or redevelop IT based business systems used for organisation-wide confidential & restricted information systems. This includes defining and implementing new system requirements liaising with the key stakeholders and internal & external suppliers.
    I also project managed the IT Operations directorates’ business readiness to receive into operations a major project  re-engineering the IT systems. This being a ‘sea change’ moving to Active Directory, Windows 2003, Exchange 2003 & Citrix platforms replacing the majority of desktop systems and applications delivery across the organisation. Requiring the co-ordination of AWE & HP Synstar (out sourced) 1st, 2nd & 3rd level operational support teams including knowledge transfer, operational  level documentation and process implementation and/or improvements.

    The Security Industry Authority (Home Office) - London
    Security Licensing, Compliance and Investigation
    June 2005 - November 2005 (SC Cleared)
    Lead Business Analyst (with copious Technical Authoring) – Approved Contractor Scheme
    Similar to my role with The SIA in the previous year (see below Dec 03 to Aug  04), my role was to define business processes and system requirements to develop automated and manual systems used by the operational teams for the Approved Contractor Scheme managing the deployment of private security operatives. This included defining and implementing system requirements liaising with the key stakeholders, internal and external 3rd party suppliers.

     Cable & Wireless Secure Operations - Swindon, London & Brentford
    Secure Email Network Operations
    August 2004 - February 2005(SC Cleared)
    Business Process Analyst and Technical Author - ISO27001(BS7799), BS20000(BS15000) and ITIL v3 processes and standards
    At the launch of a new secure hosted service for the NHS, the Secure Operations team required the implementation and rollout of ISO27001 Data Security and BS20000 IT Service Management processes working to ITIL best practices. I analysed and mapped process flows to be used by the  operational team, gaining ‘buy in’ and operational approval of all stake holders. I worked closely with the system developers, IT help desk, secure operations and security teams across geographically separated sites. I also designed and implemented a local Intranet web tool and  delivered ISO & ITIL training and workshops to all levels of staff.

    The Security Industry Authority - Westminster, London
    Business Process Analysis, Requirements Specification & Technical Authoring.
    January 2004 - August 2004
    The SIA has been developed from the Home Office requirement to license and regulate the private  security industries.  Having joined prior to launch my role involves the development of system requirements, analysing processes, creating and monitoring change requests from the main service provider (BT). In addition I provide local consultancy for the License Management team developing manual processes and documentation systems.
  • Cogent Defence and Security Networks - Newport, South Wales
    Quality Management, Business Systems Regeneration, Key Performance Indicators, Intranet Web  Development
    June 2003 - January 2004
    Business Analysis, Intranet Web Design & Implementation, Quality Systems
    Urgent requirement for the rapid design and implementation of an intranet based quality management system  supporting the manufacture of defence related manufacturing projects.  I worked within the Business Systems Regeneration (Process Reengineering) team and the Quality Management team, designing and implementing a business wide intranet.  I managed the review and reissue of all QMS documents to meet ISO9000 standards in readiness for BSI auditing.  I also provided consultancy for service level agreements and BS15000 (now BS20000) processes relating to Help Desk and IT support teams. For this role I became SC level security cleared.

    Hutchison 3G (Now branded as simply '3') - Maidenhead
    Business Processes & Procedures/Intranet Web Development
     March 2002 - November 2002
    Hutchison were launching the first UK 3rd generation mobile phone services. I designed and implemented an Intranet web system for use by customer facing staff in the UK and India call centres. This was specifically to present interactive procedures to customer advisors and credit referrals teams. My delivered systems provide interactive process flow, diagnostics, script delivery and knowledge management. I also provided consultancy to the Business Continuity Project Manager and aided in the development of the call  centre processes and procedures.

    Equant (France Telecom) - Slough
    Knowledge Management, Business Processes & Intranet Web Development
    February 2001 - November 2001
    Equant's new Global Service Centres in London, Atlanta and Sydney required a coherent set of processes and procedures arranged in an intuitive structure allowing ease of access and maintenance. Many of the business processes & procedures were developed from scratch after interviewing the network/system developers, service centre staff and service delivery teams including business continuity plans to ISO9000 & BS7799 (now ISO27001) standards.

    TIW  Dolphin Telecom - Basingstoke
     Process Documentation Management System & ISO 9000 quality standards development
    June - November 2000
    Technical Author: Documentation, Web & ISO9000 development. Terrestrial Trunked Radio systems. Business Continuity planning.

    Cable & Wireless - Bracknell
    Intranet Web/Technical Author/Business Process
    January 2000 - April 2000
    Technical Author/Consultant for a team within Cable & Wireless called the Business Transformation Project (BTP). DR & Business continuity planning.

    Intermec UK / IBM UK -  Basingstoke
    Technical Author & Quality Manager
    February 1999 - October 1999
    Technical Author and Documentation Manager covering ISO9000.

    Cap Gemini UK plc. - Aztec West, Bristol
    Service Management Consultant
    August 1998 - February 1999
    Consultant engaged in analysing companies’ current I.T. infrastructure and then developing or implementing solutions, improvements and best practice to ISO9000  standards.

Permanent Roles

    British Telecommunications plc. (various roles and assignments):
    December 1997 to March 1998 - BT’s Global Customer Service Centre, Burnham.
    Global Communications Division’s customer service for International Private Circuits (contracts, faults, provisioning and planned  engineering works).

    April to December 1997 - BT’s Global Customer Service Centre, Burnham
    Burnham  Communications Centre as the Customer Team Manager for the ‘Banking and Commercial’ sector. Team of sixteen.

    May 1996 to April 1997 - Information Technology ‘Battle Group’ Bracknell.
    Global Communications Division IT specialist to help set up a ‘High Impact Team’ and sort out service critical support problems.

    1994 to May 1996 - BT’s Global Customer Service Centre, Burnham.
    Development of quality procedures and I was personally responsible for the out-of-hours customer service response  performance; the Quality Management Systems (QMS); centre-wide recruitment, both technical and clerical, and the management support systems.  Many of the systems and processes I built or wrote from scratch e.g. Local QMS, recruitment, initial training and integration of staff.

    1993 to 1994 - BT’s Global Customer Service Centre - Burnham.
    In addition to my systems support team I enlarged the engineering team for the increasing demands for technical support of International FeatureNet. This team also became specialists monitoring the fault repair process for International Private Circuits, Standard Links and other major global & international products and services. I recruited five more engineers into the team at the end of 1995.

    1991 to 1993 - BT’s Global Customer Service Centre, Burnham.
    I managed the recruitment and creation of a new technical team specifically tasked to carry out special fault investigations for the International FeatureNet service. I personally set up the system support group’s quality management system along ISO9000 guidelines and we later passed the final BSI audits.

    1990 to 1991 - British Telecom International’s International Customer Service Centre
    Between June 1990 and March 1991 I was asked to personally set up and manage the customer service operations for a new high profile virtual private networks product called International FeatureNet (sic). I trained many of the centre staff as well as my own team in the use of  the I.T. systems.

    1988 to 1990 - BTI’s International Customer Service Centre, Burnham.
    Systems Manager for the International Customer Service Centre. The ICSC was set up from scratch by myself and an operational manager. I managed the systems support team and help desk as well as participating ‘hands-on’ with support and development. I was personally responsible for the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans which were later ‘battle tested’ during the IRA bombing of Docklands.

    1982 to 1988 BTI’s Somerton and Burnham Radio Stations.
    I joined British Telecom International in April 1982 as a radio and electronics technician maintaining HF radio, microwave communication and control systems to component level.

    Sefel Geophysical (Offshore undersea exploration) North Sea & North Atlantic
    Seismic Technician (Electronics & Engineering)
    1980 to 1982
    I was  responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of 'state-of-the-art' seismic data acquisition, survey systems and navigation equipment working in coastal waters off Canada and Norway.

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